Shipped in flat-pack. Spend some quality family time with your kids. Suitable for kids aged 3 to 93.


Our super-sized high quality 3 dimensional puzzles and models are fun to build and offer educational, mental and physical benefits to both children and adults alike.  Crafted from superwood , our range includes over 100 products and are suitable for any skill level and any age group. All puzzles are flat-packed and come complete with assembly instructions. We offer free shipping in South Africa to your door.

We have 3D puzzles for all skill levels and age groups.

Our models are manufactured from 6mm supawood and all come will instructions and standing sticks to help you finish your model perfectly. No glue required but you are welcome to add a little wood glue or superglue to hold your puzzle in place permanently. Paint your model whilst in separate pieces for best results.

A world of benefits for the whole family

Problem Solving Skills

Improve you problem solving skills while having fun building, painting and creating

Increase Concentration

Improve concentration by building 3 Dimensional puzzles

Coordination & Dexterity

Improve your coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills through complex puzzle building

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