Tips and Tricks

Assembly Tips & Tricks

  • Safety first – please take care when working with tools, especially a carpet knife.
  • Keep small parts out of reach of small children.
  • Parental guidance essential!
  • Follow the assembly instructions carefully, when you’re not sure what to do, page forward and also the final picture, it is after all a puzzle.
  • Break parts carefully out of the board. Rather cut with a hacksaw blade or carpet knife.
  • Cut parts out on a cutting board or workbench.
  • Sand bridges away where the parts were joined to the board.
  • When sanding first use coarse sanding aperand then fine afterwards to finish.
  • For a finished look, sand the edges and surfaces of parts briefly. Thicknesses of MDF may vary slightly from time to time.
  • To finish holes, carve with a carpet knife or use a dowel/pen wrapped with a piece of sanding paper.
  • Don’t force parts to fit, rather sand them down a little, MDF/Supawood may vary in thickness.
  • Parts should have a snug fit.
  • Assembly of compound wheels – First fit to the vehicle and then glue!
  • Pre- Assemble before painting, take apart, paint individual parts and then re-assemble.
  • The edges may require more than 1 coat of paint
  • Have fun!